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Notes on Usage

This website,, (hereafter referred to as "this website") is managed by The Sankei Building Co. Ltd. (hereafter referred to as "the Company"). Please read and be aware of the following important notes prior to using this website. As the Company may alter the terms and conditions of usage for this website without notice, please check the latest terms and conditions.

Copyright, etc.

Apart from where specifically noted to the contrary, copyrights, trademark rights and all other intellectual property rights pertaining to items contained on this website, including all information, contents, trademarks and logos, belong to the Company. Accordingly, unauthorized acts such as the reprinting, usage, copying, distribution or modification of these materials are not permitted.

Matters relating to future forecasts

Statements indicated in this website, which are not historical facts, from among current plans, strategies and beliefs of the Company are prospects regarding the Company’s future performance, and contain factors of risk and uncertainty. For this reason, the actual performance may significantly vary from the stated prospects due to various factors such as future trends of the Japanese economy and real estate industry, and offering of new services. Accordingly, the Company does not guarantee the reliability of the said statements.

Matters Prohibited:

Prohibited actions are as follows:

  1. Actions that will or may violate the privacy of third parties or the Company
  2. Actions that will or may cause disadvantages or damages to third parties or the Company
  3. Actions that will or may violate public order and morals
  4. Criminal actions or any actions that may result in a criminal offence
  5. False declarations or notifications such as registering another person's email address
  6. Adding a link without the Company`s prior permission
  7. Sales activities, any sales related activities, or preparations for such activities
  8. Actions that will or may use or distribute harmful computer programs such as computer viruses
  9. Any other actions that will or may violate laws, regulations or ordinances
  10. Any other actions deemed to be inappropriate by the Company.

Although the greatest care has been taken in publishing information on this website, this does not imply that the accuracy, validity, compatibility to the purpose of your usage and to the safety of its contents is guaranteed. Customers are responsible for their own usage of this website. The Company accepts no responsibility for losses or damages sustained as a direct or indirect result of using this website.

This website may be subject to interruption or suspension or have alterations or deletions made to its contents without notice.

Personal Information

This website will properly handle personal information of users in accordance with the Privacy Policy posted separately.

Compliance with laws

Unless stated elsewhere and otherwise, use of this website and this terms and conditions shall be interpreted and governed by the laws of Japan.


Some of the links and banners appearing on this website may link you to other websites. These websites are not managed by the Company. Accordingly, the Company accepts no responsibility for the contents of and other details relating to such websites.

Record and history access

This website keeps the access history of cyber surfers in form of records. The access records include domain name, IP, browser type, access time and so on which can’t use to identify surfers. Access record is used to analyze the usage of website only.


SSL encryption technology can be used to send personal information to our website.

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