Making people, cities & society happy
Aiming for urban development

Whilst Japan's economy continues to experience a moderate but steady recovery, economic conditions seen in the rest of the world are unclear, and there are various risks to be faced. In this sort of world, Sankei Building contributes to "Making people, cities & society happy" while continuing to progress various real-estate business developments.

The building business is expanding the development side of the business by leveraging the strengths of stable income from our portfolio of buildings: the "S-GATE" series of high-spec mid size office buildings, and major-project redevelopment of the Toshima ward local government office etc.
The residential business saw the birth of the "LEFOND" series of condominiums over a decade ago and together with this, there has been a focus on development of leased residences. The needs of customers have been satisfied by providing two product lines: condominium sales/rentals.
The hotel resort business has been actively involved in hotel developments amidst a backdrop of increasing numbers of overseas visitors to Japan. A diverse range of hotel and resort facilities are operated in various parts of Japan in collaboration with GRANVISTA Hotels & Resorts.
There is a sense that needs for the seniors business will increase as the years pass by. Along with Sankei Building Well Care, we provide residential services that families and residents can trust.

In order to continuously expand these businesses, Sankei Building is making efforts to expand its business portfolio by promptly grasping changes in the market to quickly develop products that meet diverse needs.

Our business is constantly required to seek change and progress because true satisfaction of clients can not be obtained just by rehashing proposals. Sankei Building will be sensitive to changes in the times from here on and will proceed with urban development business that enrichens the abodes of each and every individual by carefully listening to the views of society and clients.

President & CEO Kazunobu Iijima

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