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Pursuing urban development


As a core company of Fuji Media Holdings, Inc., Sankei Building Co., Ltd. has evolved and grown through various types of real estate development and operation.

In the building business, the Hommachi Sankei Building, a new-era office building that combines cutting-edge technology with consideration for the environment, has been completed. In the residential business, we offer housing that meets the needs of our customers by emphasizing the characteristics of the LEFOND brand in both sales and rentals. In the hotels and resorts business, we are working on development in collaboration with overseas brands and developing our own Intergrate Hotels brand nationwide. In addition, Sankei Real Estate, Inc., which is listed on the J-REIT market, has expanded its asset scale and is growing steadily. It is also developing logistics facilities, which are in increasing demand, on a nationwide scale. Furthermore, in the aquarium redevelopment project in Suma, Kobe, construction is entering its final phase toward the opening of business in June 2024. The name of the facility has also been decided as "Kobe Suma Sea World," and preparations for opening are underway.

At present, decarbonization efforts are becoming active worldwide, and corporate activities are also required to reduce CO2 emissions and engage in environmentally-friendly development and initiatives. We will promote the creation of a highly durable organization that can respond to these demands, while growing our business foundation soundly, and boldly take on new business opportunities.

To that end, we will swiftly grasp changes in the market, work on product development that meets diversifying needs with a sense of speed, and aim to realize a sustainable society and achieve the sustainable growth of our company.

President & CEO
Kazunobu Iijima