Residential Business



"LEFOND" is Sankei Building's condominium brand. Meaning "essence" in French, the name "LEFOND" expresses our desire to offer our customers residence embodying the joy of living. We are highly particular in our siting choices. Using the plots of land as the essential ingredient, we envision the people who might live there as we pursue the development of an optimal building structure for each unique site. By approaching each property development with this careful attention to detail, we will build a condominium brand our customers love. In addition to our main “LEFOND” brand, we also offer the “LEFOND libre” series focused on delivering the ultimate in convenience for small household living in the urban centers and our “LEFOND soleil” line-up of condominiums for families. We are developing a brand that responds to a broad range of customer needs.

Leased Residences

"LEFOND PROGRÈS" is a leasing residence brand that targets people who want to enjoy urban life such as single people as well as "DINKS" couples who both work but have no children. These products are only developed in highly convenient urban areas. They provide elegant exteriors and common areas in addition to unique spaces such as artistically-driven spaces. This residence leasing brand boasts an urban lifestyle with new excitement and allure while inheriting the DNA of “LEFOND” that we have cultivated up until now. We strive to build comfortable residences that people “want to live here once again”.

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