Building Business


Office Building Leasing

Sankei Building possesses a total of 15 properties with a combined floor area of approximately 260,000㎡ primarily in the Tokyo and Osaka areas. We offer seamless in-house services from leasing to management and operations in collaboration with our group companies. It has earned us the trust and acclaim of our customers by providing safe, comfortable, and highly functional office environments. In addition, our Tokyo Sankei Building and BREEZÉ TOWER properties represent the concrete realization of our concept that “buildings are media”. These buildings serve as our flagship buildings leveraging the unique characteristics of our media group as centers broadcasting information and culture. In order to support our customers’ BCP efforts through our properties, we have established emergency response plans and installed equipment such as emergency power generators to enable swift restoration of services appropriate for each building.

Commercial Facility Operations

The Metro Square commercial zone of our Tokyo Sankei Building is the largest outdoor public square in the Otemachi area. It offers office workers convenient access to stores and conference facilities where events enhance the fun of their everyday working life. In the BREEZÉ BREEZÉ commercial zone of our BREEZÉ TOWER, we provide tenants that are new in the area and host events tailored to delight people’s sophisticated tastes. The Sankei Hall Breezé housed within the property entertains audiences with its colorful range of performances in genres ranging from traditional rakugo comedic storytelling to classical music concerts. We are focusing our efforts to contribute to the social and economic vitality of the local area.

Real Estate Development

We develop buildings that are environmentally- friendly, outfitted with cutting-edge facilities in carefully-chosen central urban sites. Besides being involved in the urban development business in collaboration with varios Fuji Media Holdings, Inc. companies, Sankei Building also engages in the development and sale of properties to investors in response to market needs such as lease condominiums, commercial facilities, facilities for seniors, and other high revenue-generating real estate products.

“S-GATE” Mid-Size Office Buildings

The "S-GATE" mid-size office building series concept "Puts People Right in the Center of the Office". The building offers a human-centric office environment providing advanced infrastructure and a wide-range of services to accommodate the greater prosperity of tenant companies and the productivity of its employees. Our "S-GATE" office buildings feature specifications on par with those of large-scale central urban properties and provide a sophisticated design that supports the branding of their corporate tenants. In addition to “S-GATE AKASAKA”, successive projects are already in development in the Chiyoda, Minato and Chuo wards. Sankei Building are planning to develop this series in locations close to train stations in Tokyo’s five central wards.

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