The Sankei Building Group


The Sankei Building Group

Every company within the Sankei Building Group is working to enhance its strength as an independent profit-generating entity. The Sankei Building Group will leverage the resources, personnel, and technology provided by each of our member companies, working in collaboration to pursue maximal growth into the future.

Sankei Kaikan Co., Ltd.
Sankei Bldg. Techno Co., Ltd.
Sankei Bldg. Management Co., Ltd.
Sankei Building. Maintenance Service Co., Ltd.
Sankei Building Well Care Co., Ltd.
Sankei Building Asset Management Co., Ltd.
GRANVISTA Hotels & Resorts Co., Ltd.(English)

The Fujisankei Communications Group

The Fujisankei Communications Group (FCG) is Japan's largest mass media conglomerate, consisting of Fuji Television, the Sankei Shimbun and Nippon Broadcasting System. With the Sankei Building Co., Ltd. providing real estate services, and a combined total of 83 companies, 4 corporations, 3 museums employing about 16,000 people, FCG has grown to occupy a prominent place among the world's media powers.

Fuji Media Holdings, Inc.

Fuji Media Holdings, Inc. was launched in 2008 as Japan's first certified broadcasting holding company. Fuji Television Network, Inc. forms the core of the key "Media & Contents" group that is comprised of 40 subsidiary companies.
The Sankei Building Co., Ltd. belongs to the "Urban Development & Tourism" group that is engaged in real estate development (offices/residential/hotels etc.), building rentals/management, as well as operating commercial facilities/restaurants/facilities for senior citizens. Being a media related developer, this content strength and media development strength enable the generation of added value from various facets of the business.

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