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Hotel Developmets

With the global “Japan boom” as background, every year, the number of tourists coming to Japan is increasing each year. Sankei Building has already started developments across Japan in several locations (Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, Hiroshima, Hokkaido etc.) to respond to this rapidly increasing in inbound demand in places where business people/tourists frequent. In future, the focus will be on moving forward with developments in regional core cities. In future Sankei Building plans to expand its sectors of hotel activity: starting with business hotels, city and resort hotels, right through to luxury hotels. Thought is also being given to affiliations with world-famous hotel chains and expansion overseas.

Hotel Operations

GRANVISTA Hotels & Resorts Co., Ltd. operates various styles of hotels across Japan, including the Sapporo Grand Hotel (also known as the "State Guest House of the North"), and the Sapporo Park Hotel (a city-resort representative of Hokkaido) etc. In addition, GRANVISTA Hotels & Resorts Co., Ltd. is an integrated hospitality company that operates Kamogawa Sea World (an integrated marine leisure center), golf courses, and highway restaurants. Based on the brand message "Local values shaping the global future", the business aims to leverage know-how and results that have been accumulated across a wide range of projects. Also, the aim is to run the facilities operations and product sales while maintaining roots and links in local communities.

New Developments

Sankei Building is involved in a variety of real estate developments that capitalize on the know-how we have gained from our LEFOND series. Sankei Building wanted travelers from overseas to have the opportunity to come into contact with Japanese traditions/culture by giving form to its idea of providing reasonably priced accommodation facilities and came up with the "GRIDS" line of guest-house style hotels. Located in sites that are convenient for sightseeing, the "GRIDS" properties incorporate simple yet modern designs, the latest facilities, and are being developed in major cities throughout Japan.

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