Related Businesses


Building Management Business

Sankei Bldg. Management Co., Ltd. provides strategic property management and consistent building maintenance for buildings of various scales and purposes (commercial facilities, factories, storage facilities, etc.) while focusing on large-scale high-rise building such as the Tokyo Sankei Building and BREEZÉ TOWER. It is also responsible for the management and operation of Sankei Building’s LEFOND series of condominiums for sale.

Interior Design And Exhibition Business

Sankei Bldg. Techno Co., Ltd. undertakes planning, setup, and operations of various events such as exhibitions and trade show booths. Leveraging this experience, it is also expanding its business to support a wide-range of space related needs from “moving-in” to “moving-out” by offering services such as interior design for stores, offices, and residences, consulting on layout changes, and assisting with returning spaces to their original condition when tenants leave.

Food Business

Sankei Kaikan Co., Ltd. is operating in the business districts of Tokyo and Osaka where it has a total of 10 restaurants that primarily focus on Japanese cuisine. It also offer catering services featuring seasonal menus and finely attentive services customized to the needs of customers’ banquets, welcoming / send-off gathers, and other party needs.

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